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How to Sell SaaS

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


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“Did SaaS come along because it helps the customer?”

Will Baron kicks off the show by asking how the buyer’s journey has changed. Since Salesforce CRM popularized the new way to buy software through Software as a Service (SaaS), salespeople and buyers are having different conversations than they had 20 years ago.

Instead of focusing on negotiation or closing tactics, salespeople need to start focusing on Diagnosis; what does the customer actually need to solve.

In this episode, Will and I discuss

  1. How SaaS is changing the way customer’s are paying
  2. How products are delivered
  3. How to sell it from a value perspective.

We cover a lot of ground from Elon Musk’s sales skills to the changing landscape of how salespeople can jump from job to job.

Stop focusing on Churn – help the customer achieve First Value in 30 days based on what you uncovered during the early sales conversations.

The show wraps up with some book recommendations and how to implement the best SaaS sales techniques immediately.


  • [1:26] Show intro
  • [1:56] Interview starts
  • [3:02] Why choose SAAS as a revenue model?
  • [5:16] Which came first the customer (chicken) or SAAS (egg)?
  • [6:25] Will things other than software shift towards monthly?
  • [11:15] Do SAAS sales people have different personalities to the traditional sales professional?
  • [16:11] Best way to deepen relationships
  • [20:14] Should we sell future features?
  • [22:03] Are sales people groomed to just want to close the deal?
  • [27:09] The key to success in the world of the internet
  • [35:31] Wrap up