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How Silicon Valley SaaS Sales Companies 3x More Deals

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design

customer centric sales

Yesterday we hosted 50 eager and inquisitive SaaS sales people for an interactive webinar. I was joined by the Author of Blueprints for SaaS sales organisation & founder of Winning by Design, Jacco vanderKooij. He rained down bombs of sales gold throughout the hour long session!


The theme of the webinar was to share the secrets and best practices of the customer centric sales process that have helped 150+ companies in Silicon Valley to help them 3x their sales and achieve hyper growth

Changing Dynamic

a new customer state
courtesy of Zuora

Firstly we addressed the new state of the customer, where the availability of information, mobile habits and consumer purchase experience is creating a new mindset for B2B SaaS customers. They don’t want to be lead down a synchronous sales process being lead by a traditional sales person.

They are demanding a memorable purchase experience, delivered at their speed and dominated by shared stories that are personalised to their specific role, company & industry.

a new sales state

In response sales need to evolve to meet the demands. Previously there has been a reliance on the 20% of top performers who delivered 80% of the revenue. These rainmakers are immune in SaaS sales, the deal sizes are Power and they need to happen at higher velocity. We must rely on the 80% of new performers to deliver 80% of the revenue.

These New Performers need to work at a new velocity. In the past purchase decisions traditional sales were taking 5 months to a year to close certain deals, with the subscription business model these deals are now taking between 30–90 days per sale.

The prescriptive sales process of qualify, pitch, handle objections and close is over. We now to work with our customers to diagnose their problems, then prescribe the solution and assist the selection and buying process.

We need a modern approach to sales

a customer centric approach

Throughout the webinar we were answering questions like;

  • How do you start conversations over email?
  • Is email different to LinkedIn?
  • Given this new strategy, is it more a matter of quality over quantity for leads?
  • How do you share value when you are an early stage startup?

Jacco and I answered these and many more great questions throughout the webinar.

We finished up the webinar providing examples of how we have helped over 150+ fast growth companies in Silicon Valley and across the globe accelerate their sales into hyper growth by adopting helping them Design, Build & Execute the Modern Sales Organisation.

All great partnerships start with conversations and sharing some insights. If you would like to learn more about Winning by Design please contact Andy Farquharson. | +61 429 664 006

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