Sales as a Science GTM Workshop

For executive leadership looking to drive revenue growth for their startups

About the Workshop

The workshop consists of 4 sessions (2 hours each) that will teach you the best practices you can apply to your customer-facing activities.

The workshop includes:

  • 4 interactive sessions (2 hours each)
  • 1:1 coaching between each session with your Revenue Coach
  • Blueprint templates with best practices
  • Digital book for every attendee: How to Get to $10M in ARR and Beyond by Jacco van der Kooij

At the end of the workshop, you will have the following completed materials to apply to your business:

  • A customer-centric growth framework
  • The ‘bowtie’ data model to measure conversion rates at each stage in the funnel
  • One-page ‘CRM-ready’ sales playbook
  • Persona-based ‘cue cards’ to enable your sales teams with a call guide for effective discovery calls

Session Details

Session 1: Sales as a Science

Module 1: Go to Market (GTM) models that govern modern companies
To scale your business, you need a repeatable approach to revenue generation. In this module, we will introduce you to the models that impact modern growth companies. Focusing on the growth model, we will conduct a gap analysis of your business, and together identify the conversion and volume metrics required to achieve your goals.

Module 2: SPICED: A customer-centric approach
Current sales methodologies are focused on closing the deal. In a successful recurring revenue business, the majority of your revenue in a given year comes from existing customers. Therefore, we need a new approach to create a consistent customer journey across marketing, sales, and customer growth. In this module, we will introduce SPICED as the foundation of a customer-centric operating model and identify the pains, impact, and critical events that motivate purchase decisions by your customers.

Session 2: Sales Playbook Overview

Module 3: Understanding the Moments that Matter
If you can identify and master the key moments across your customer journey, you will be on the path to unlocking exponential growth. In this module, we will introduce you to common Key Moments, and help you to identify how they apply in your business. Once identified, we will share relevant blueprints to help you turn those into a repeatable process.

Module 4: Your one-page sales playbook
To encourage consistent behaviors across your sales team, you need to provide them with a plan that is easy to understand and follow. In this module, we will introduce the one-page sales playbook and identify the stages in your buying process, aligned to your Moments that Matter, and then document the key actions and resources necessary to complete them.

Session 3: Sales Playbook Deep Dive

Module 5: Refining your one-page sales playbook
A documented sales playbook enables you to measure your performance through the funnel and empowers your team to contribute to optimizing the process. In this module, we will refine your One-Page Sales Playbook, continue to build blueprints for the decisive steps in the sales process, and introduce how to iterate with your team.

Module 6: Personas & Cue Cards
To ensure accurate and consistent messaging across your team, your salespeople need to understand the customer and be able to ask them the right questions and share appropriate stories. In this module, we will introduce buyer personas/cue cards, conducting a collaborative workshop to help you define your key buying personas, and build out the tools to provide sellers with specific directions on how to communicate with buyers and which stories to share.

Session 4: Implementation

Module 7: Embedding the playbook into your business
Now that you have created these assets, we need to put them into practice. In this module we will review a step-by-step approach to implement a customer-centric methodology and playbook into your CRM and tech stack, along with defining a 30-60-90 day implementation plan for success.

Module 8: Leveraging the playbook to create a coaching culture
Improving on your sales process requires a consistent rep-centric approach to coaching. In this module, we will identify the differences between managing and coaching, and how you can leverage the playbook to create a coaching culture to improve the performance of your existing team and decrease the ramp time for new hires.

Workshop FAQs

Who is this course for?
This course is for startup leadership who are focused on revenue growth (Chief Revenue Officer, VP of Sales, Founder, VP Customer Success, VP Marketing, and similar roles)

What’s the best way to ensure that my team can actually implement these concepts after I complete the course?
After you complete the course, we recommend that your customer-facing reps and managers learn the skills necessary to execute these frameworks by going through the relevant WbD Open Course. This ensures that the concepts learned and frameworks created are properly executed on.

Do I need to do any prep work before the workshop starts?
Bring your revenue goals, your plans, and a learners’ mind!

When will the workshop be conducted?
This is a 1:1 workshop series for your company. We will arrange the timing to fit your team’s schedule.

Can I bring the rest of my team to the workshop?
This workshop usually works best if we have input from sales, marketing, and product. It’s typical to have a group of 3-5 people attend and work together.

I have other questions; who can I contact?
Feel free to get in touch with us — click here.

Workshop registration

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