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How to Enforce the Ultimate SDR Business Process [Podcast]

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


The Ultimate Goal is to have an SDR to open a screen and know exactly what they need to do in order to maximize sales / conversations.

Connor Fee, COO of UserVoice, describes that it has taken him 10 years to crack the code on how to effectively create a process for SDRs handling inbound leads at scale.

Why does it matter?

If you followup on the hottest leads first, within marketing SLA, your conversion rate and sales will be much higher.

Yes, we have fancy lead scoring but the problem is PEOPLE.

They don’t change their behavior, or they don’t have a good workflow to follow up on hottest leads first all the time.

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At it’s most basic form: MadKudu did some research and found that most teams miss marketing SLAs spectacularly – more than 50% of hot leads don’t get followed up on within a day.

So you can flag the highest priority leads through fancy predictive lead scoring or other; but the bigger problem is how to get sales to live by this; how to change human behavior.

I don’t think the big gain of switching away from tasks just because it’s a time-saver – the big gain is that you will have a huge gain of conversion/SQLs/sales.

How to do this?

  • Realize Salesforce Tasks suck
  • Views to prioritize tasks are not perfect but better
  • What would the best business process automation for SDRs look like?Automated, dynamic, intelligent/predictive

Connor comes from an engineering background, carried a quota and ran marketing and uses this experience to tackle the important questions.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. How SDRs deliver value, and how they are measured
  2. The challenges with using Salesforce tasks for managing customer communication
  3. The simple solution to a seemingly complex problem


The Devilishness of tasks are they are so easy to create. That seems like a great thing – but you end up with a whole mess of shit

Optimizing where to focus your time as a sales professional has left a free-for-all in many organizations. UserVoice has solved this pain point by create an elegant workflow using 1 field on the Lead Object, and 2 Lead Views.

How did we get here

<0:43> Interview Starts: How to get the inside sales team to focus on the right leads?

When aligning marketing and sales – tasks were the main issue. Overdue tasks get out of control – you have to run reports…. and within only a few days, there is an insurmountable backlog. It doesn’t need to be so complicated.

<3:30> Subject lines vs. Body of a task

Poorly prioritized to-do list create  a short hand because you can’t

How do we measure success

Every sales team is setup differently. This particular flow is for an inside sales team generating at least 10 MQLs per SDR.

<5:45> What are your SDR’s measured on?

<6:50> Activity per day

sdr business process

The Solution

<8:30>  Leads views, fields and how it fits together

Broken into three parts: new leads, all leads to contact today and SDR pipeline

<9:45> Prioritize – lead views

<10:30> Research before the call – Find 3 things in 3 minutes of research (shout out

<11:00> Lead Stages 

<12:50> Lead Dispositions – NSR vs. SQL

<14:30> What Salesforce fields are required? Human error is an issue

The Stroke of Genius

<15:40>  What sets this system apart?

Leads that should be contacted today, leads that should have been contacted previously, or all leads that don’t have a date to be contacted

<17:00> Style of cadences

Less about persona’s, more about where they are in the funnel.

<18:45> Best practices when following up with eBooks?

90% of the people you reach out to didn’t read the eBook. SDRs offer to give them the summary to save the customer time. THIS is value.

<20:20> People aren’t frustrated with Tasks per se

But once you figure out a new flow, it’s like playing a different game. If you’re optimizing your SLAs for marketing – for example saying we’ll follow up with 90% of the leads that you generate.

<21:05> Takeaways: It took 10 years to find the right answer

Simple way to do this – without much work, simple, smoother, easier and drive more consistency

<22:00> Dam analogy – SDRs are saving about 5% of their day. 

<23:00> Wrap up: Who is this right for?

This is right for B2B marketers and sales people handling inbound leads in volume.

 How to set it up

<h3) Setup your Lead View with 3 fields

Next Follow Up Action, Lead Stage and Lead Status

setup your lead view with 3 fields

2) Setup 2 lead views

New Leads, and Leads to Contact Today. Pay special attention to the filter fields to create logic for “Today” and another that is blank “”

Lead View: New Leads

setup 2 lead views

Lead View: To Be Contacted Today

to be contacted today3) Here’s how they would look to the SDR


4) Results

Build reports to make sure the system is working. Here are some ideas

  1. Average response time to new leads
  2. Leads assigned per rep per day (trailing 30 days)
  3. Current new leads assigned by rep
  4. Leads scheduled for follow up contact today

build reports