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Customer Success Services

Customer Success Consulting

  • Customer Success Assessments
  • Onboarding Program Design
  • Playbook Implementations
  • Business Review Playbooks
  • Building & Scaling Teams
  • Customer Success Best Practices
  • CRM & Revenue Metrics
  • Customer Management – Technology Recommendations

Customer Success Training

  • Cross-functional Alignment
  • Customer Success Team Training (Bootcamps & Kickoffs)
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Inclusive Company Cultures
  • Executive Coaching & Training

Customer Advocacy

  • Customer Event Strategy
  • Case Studies & Referrals
  • Customer Communities
  • NPS
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Experience
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Account Based Marketing

Meet Our Proven Customer Success Team

Emilia D’Anzica

Customer Success Architect, and Partner at Winning by Design

Former VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe

Julie Weill Persofsky

Customer Success Architect, and Partner at Winning by Design

Former VP of CS at influitive

Dominique Levin

Senior Architect, and CoFounder at Winning by Design

Former CMO at Totango

Jacco van der Kooij

Senior Architect, and CoFounder at Winning by Design

Former VP Sales at Kontiki/Qumu

Sari Esendrath

Customer Success Enablement
Former Director of Enablement at Xamarin

Alia Pirani

Customer Success Trainer

Former VP Client Experience Klick Health, Customer Success Influitive, Manager Professional Services SciQuest

Olga Avramescu

Customer Success Coordinator

Former Storm Ventures

Oren Lavi

Customer Operations Specialist

Former Ops. Manager J Crew

What are Customers Saying about Winning by Design?

“Winning by Design is unique because of an integrated approach to sales and customer success. Providing joint training and a common language has greatly helped cross-functional alignment and hand-offs at ThinkHR”

Vince Murdica

Chief Revenue Officer, ThinkHR

“At Thought Industries, our top company value is “Humility”. Yes, that’s right. We apply this principle in our hiring, training, coaching, collaboration, product development, onboarding, and customer success practices. We recently brought in Winning by Design to train our sales, marketing, and customer success teams, an investment that paid off immediately. Our teams are applying the new frameworks they learned to real life scenarios with a revived sense of purpose and intentionality. Thank you to Emilia D’Anzica and team for sharing your incredible gems. We can’t wait to get more training to keep the progress wheels in motion.”

Samma Hafeez

Vice President, Customer Success

“I worked with Emilia at Indio Technologies. She came in as a strategic consultant to build the customer success team and programs from Sales to Customer Success alignment and onboarding to the Expansion and Renewal Programs. Emilia set up the Success team in Salesforce and automated reports, proactive customer management in the platform and a training and support program to better drive customer adoption of the platform. Emilia understands customer needs, technology to drive growth and is a great executive cross-functional partner. I would recommend her to any company who wants to take their organization to the next level of growth across operations and customer success.”

Paige Drews

VP of Sales, Indio Technologies

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Customer Success
Consulting Process


Customer Success Process Assessment.

Review the current methodology of the customer success teams (which include support) to identify areas of attention that can improve adoption and expansion revenue rates and efficiency. Design, document, and iterate on a customized program that builds on current successes and drives consistency across cross-functional teams. This assessment is customized to customer needs.

Customer Success Assessments are fully customizable and include the following elements:



Design a customer-centric Customer Success playbook

Our expert teams design, document, and iterate on a customized Customer Success process that builds on current successes and drives consistency across teams. We build growth loops across your customer journey.


Customer Success Training and Coaching the team to drive adoption and transition to internal champions.

Working with our existing clients we have determined that training alone doesn’t drive adoption, but regular reinforcement and practice does. Over a set period we’ll perform weekly sessions to determine those areas where knowledge exists but skills need continued development.
At the end of this period, your team will be prepared to continue this weekly and bi-weekly sessions having established a culture of continuous improvement.

Customer Success &
Account Management Training

Customer success training programs

Customer Success Training

Customer Success Training targets Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and their managers who strive to establish highly customer-centric, systems-based practices and skills. This course covers all the skills to onboard new customers and expand existing accounts, including kickoff, impact reviews, and renewals.

Customer Expansion Training

Customer Expansion Training for Account Managers is a dedicated course for farmer sales and customer (account) managers who are responsible for expanding existing customers.

All of our training programs are structured as a flipped classroom curriculum. Live training sessions can be taught either in-person or remotely and are accompanied by an online learning journey that provides blueprints, frameworks, and templates for enhancing customer success.

Classes incorporate activities such as roleplay that make the sessions fully-interactive. Each online module consists of videos, blueprints, quiz questions, and exercises. Students will take an exam at the completion of the course, and once passed, become certified.

CSMs can take this online anytime through our global public courses at Winning by Design

Customer Success Training

Customer Expansion Training

From Manager
to Coach Training

The Saas Sales Method
learn about Moments that Matter, 6 Buyer Experiences
The Saas Sales Method
learn about Moments that Matter, 6 Buyer Experiences
From Manager to Coach (The Coach's Mindset) + Pillars of a Coaching Culture
How and why to transition from a manager to a coach, and understanding the pillars of a coaching culture
The Science of Effective Communication
learn to communicate effectively with your customers
The Science of Effective Communication
learn to communicate effectively with your customers
How to Execute Roleplays for Skill-Building
Learn to set up and implement skill-building RingRing roleplays with your team
Hand-off from Sales to Customer Success
Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of transitioning a customer from sales to customer success
Running Professional Meetings (ACE)
how to run a meeting like an expert to maximize your effectiveness
Structuring a Coaching Cadence
Learn how to structure and build a quarter-long coaching cadence for your team
Designing a Customer Contact Cadence
Learn Scheduled Meetings, Trigger Alerts, Management Reports
Uncovering new impact and critical events
learn about Giving Customers Homework, Orchestrating Success, Uncovering More Impact
Performing Weekly Call Reviews
Learn the ingredients to enable your team to provide an environment to collaborate by having peers review each other's recorded calls
Impacting Orchestration (Incl. Kick-off)
First impressions matter - ACE the beginning of the meetings, use agenda to structure the outcome and focus on customer's priorities, then define next steps
Developing Customer (Impact) Stories
Storytelling is a powerful way to influence customers instead of pitching your features/benefits
REKS - Managing to Performance and Development
Learn to incorporate career development into 1:1 coaching opportunities, and align meeting cadence with sales velocity
Joint Impact Plan/Review Calls
Join impact plan includes the success plan, milestones, and tasks that you and the customer will do to achieve desired outcome
Establishing decision criteria
learn strategies to make contact with the Decision Maker, and the Criteria they Prioritize
Great Questions Coaches Ask
Questions are the defining tactic of a management style based on coaching.
Developing Customer Impact Stories
Storytelling is a powerful way to influence customers instead of pitching your features.benefits
Developing an Impact Proposal
Quote vs. Proposal vs. Impact Proposal
Ho to Handle Candid Converstaions with Productive Feedback
learn how to build strong professional relationships, how to offer feedback (objective vs. subjective)
Managing Customer Conflict (Low impact)
Handle difficult situations with a frustataed customer using the TALKER framework
Organizations Selling (Incl. Partnerships)
How to Run Team Meetings for Skill Development
Implement quarterly, monthly, weekly skill development through call reviews, RingRing exercises, and coaching cadence

Customer Success Workshops

What is customer advocacy?

Customer advocacy is the specific form of customer service in which the companies main focus is what’s best for the customer. Implementing customer advocacy incorporates a culture change supported by customer-focused customer service.

Use Customer Advocacy to Drive Exponential Growth

Building a strong customer advocacy program can help you sell more if you build it with a focus on serving the customer needs first.

Think about it, if you build a customer marketing program in a way that comes off as sales-like, customers will not be inclined to participate. Hence the birth of ‘customer engagement programs’ to replace ‘customer marketing’. Customer-centric communities, for example, take what the customer hasn’t adopted or purchased yet and turns it into a story they can learn from and leverage in their own organization.

How does one get started?
It’s simple – start by talking to your customers!

Ask your customers!
Surveying post-onboarding what they want more of now that they are live and give them options along with an open text box to share their ideas. Chances are they will tell you they want more customer stories about companies who have used a part of the product they may not be using yet to drive their business goals. They want to know what worked, what didn’t and how they too can get started. Give them a story they can relate to in a medium they understand such as a video, a story with easy steps on how to get started or maybe an infographic.

Feature heroes:
Ask customers if they are open to sharing their stories and if they prefer to share it in a video, at a conference, in a case study, or simply a quote. After all, who doesn’t love to look like an expert? Make whatever they choose easy for them to do. For example, if they want to be featured in a video, tell them what to wear, bring the videographers, co-write the script in advance and have them practice it. Have someone there coaching them through the video. Make sure it has statistics that show the power of the product and actionable examples that other customers and prospects can understand and use. Customer testimonials are very powerful and your company is never too small to get started with storytelling.

Start a Customer Community:
It is estimated that community members spend two times more and have a 33% higher adoption rate than non-engaged customers. If you don’t have a customer community, consider one like Vanilla Forums. It is easy to use, inexpensive and a great way to start customer conversations. Through communities, customer support calls can be reduced while enhancing experiences. WIth improved engagement, there is an opportunity to grow your brand and your loyal customer base. Accenture calls “improving customer experience a $6 trillion opportunity.” With predictions like Accenture’s and the stat below, it is time to start a customer advocacy program this year if you haven’t started one already.

Measure your Customer Advocacy Efforts Why and How

Start with an Employee and Customer Advocacy Platform

While customer advocacy may be a new function in your company, there are ways and platforms that can be leveraged to ensure your company is measuring the value of a customer engagement program. Customer engagement should be integrated into a company’s goals. It can lead to more customer satisfaction, product stickiness, retention and expansion opportunities, and ultimately, profitability. Companies like Influitive, and Crowdvocate, that drive and grow brand advocacy are just a couple of companies simplifying, measuring, and growing customer advocates.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

There are also a plethora of companies who provide Net Promoter Scoring tools to measure customer satisfaction. Medallia gives a nice overview of how NPS works on their website.

Customer Experience Measurement

products like Topbox measure B2B customer experience (CX) that link to financial growth. As the company nicely puts it, “align customer success with business objectives and watch your customer feedback data work for you.”

One Word of Caution when Implementing Any Product:

You need to create an action plan for how you will leverage the data you receive from these initiatives. The plan needs executive buy-in from the beginning. Sending an NPS survey without a plan to contact your Detractors, Passives, and Promoters in a timely way will result in wasting your customers’ time. Your detractors are probably going to churn and are definitely not sharing positive reviews about your company. Set up a committee to call them and understand their view – find a way to improve their experience! Your promoters are ripe for expansion, a case study, a quote, and a reference call with a prospect.

Expert Customer Success & Account Management Services

Winning by Design is the premier provider of strategy consulting and coaching programs trusted by over 250 SaaS sales and high-velocity sales organizations, ranging from Adobe, TripActions, to Zenefits. The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with global offices in Europe, China, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. Winning by Design pioneered a Sales as a Science approach to optimizing your revenue engine and implementing coaching programs.

Today we partner with companies who need help with either building customer programs from scratch, or who are going through a transformation. We support both internal and customer change management. From cross-functional team alignment to effective customer success and advocacy strategies. We specialize in creating measurable and customer-centric revenue programs.