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“We increased sales 6x with the Winning By Design approach.”

Abel Smits

– Sales & Account Manager 1nda.nl

Who is the Academy for?

If you are in a customer facing role being AE, SDR, CSM or a Sales Managaer working in a B2B high velocity selling environment you need to sign up for the Silicon Valley Sales Academy.

The programs are Open Class style, everybody is welcome!




Former GM, VP Customer Strategy, Account Management, Customer Success at Influitive.



 SaaS Sales Methodology

  • The SaaS Sales Methodology
  • How to Communicate Effectively with Customers (Talker)

How to Orchestrate Beginning of the Customer Relationship

  • How to do a handoff from sales to customer success (SPICED for Growth)
  • How to design a customer contact cadence

How to Develop Impact

  • How to hold a business orchestration and technical kickoff meeting [key moment]

  • How to design a twelve months customer journey and joint success plan

  • How to use customer stories for Impact

How to Drive Growth

  • How to conduct periodic impact reviews [key moment]

  • How to Manage Customer Conflict Effectively (Handling Frustration)

  • How to Trade During The Renewal Call [key moment]

How The Academy Works

The Academy is a live online course that takes place over 4 weeks, 2 hours per week, where we’ll teach you the methodology and plays that have been proven in the ultra-competitive, hyper growth environment of Silicon Valley.

Live Online Sessions

Live, interactive, full contact sessions, designed to educate you on the best practice sales blueprints and participate in active role plays to ensure you can execute these plays with your customers and improve your sales.

Online Learning Journey

Sales Mastery doesn’t happen over night. So you can continue on your learning journey through our mobile, self-paced learning module wich will help you continue to learn and practise the vital skills to Master the customer-centric Winning by Design methodology.

Robust Learning Toolbox

Although we love everything digital sometimes you need to have the hard copy to mark up and continue the learning experience. We will ship you these textbooks, which are loaded with value that goes well beyond the skills we cover on the course.

What do other SaaS companies think of the Winning by Design Approach

Winning by Design SaaS Sales Method Curriculum

Over the 4 weeks you will participate in 4 x 2 hour sessions that are high impact and are going to enable you to improve conversion rates, reduce your selling time and increase your average order size



Introduction to the SaaS Sales Methodology
How to run a professional meeting


How to communicate effectively with customers
How to diagnose through question based selling


How to uncover impact & critical events to drive urgency
How to prescribe your solution


How to uncover the decision criteria & assist the buying process
How to trade instead of negotiate

Proven bluperints tested, refined and implemented in the sales pits of the worlds fastest growing companies

Winning by Design wrote the book on SaaS Sales, ‘Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organisation,’ which is a must read for today’s sales professionals.
As part of the course all participants will receive an eCopy of this best seller to read at their leisure

How much does it cost?

4 x 120 minute High Impact Coaching Sessions

Access to the proven Winning by Design Blueprints

Winning by Design Textbooks

How to Communcate, Prospecting & Winning

Access to Winning by Design content in an online learning journey

Industry recognized certification

A free e-copy of the award winning book 'Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organisation

$1,250 USD


or contact us to get invoiced.