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Customers are demanding a new experience

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


In my previous post, The Dynamic of how B2B Sales has Changed, I talked about how information availability and technological progress are causing three huge shifts which is transforming the buyer/seller relationship.

  1. Business model change to ‘Everything as a Service’. Companies selling products from technology, shavers, even elevators are evolving to business models which require them to make lasting relationships with their customers to achieve profitability.
  2. The consumerisation of B2B purchases. When making personal purchase decisions we have an amazing experience, we are now expecting that in the B2B world and we haven’t kept up with change, this is the Sales Innovation gap.

sales innovation gap

3. The explosion of SaaS based sales enablement technology provides salespeople with the ability to optimise their effectiveness and increase their efficiency.

At the end of the last post I promised to delve into the new process of dynamic problem solving but first we need to close that Sales Innovation Gap and provide our customers with a new experience. I promise we will get to the new customers centric methodology in the next 😉

Now the new customer experience isn’t rocket science, you just need to cast your mind back to the last time you were being sold too, what was the experience you wanted? It is amazing how many salespeople curse the exact same sales traits they perpetuate!

Who likes their work day being interrupted by a cold call? Can’t stand it when people want to tell you about their service not listen to your problem? How about when people want to catch up for coffee for an hour and suck precious time out of your calendar? These happen every day and customers are demanding a new experience!

What do customers want from the Buyer/Seller relationship?

educate not sell

For you to educate them on the problem, with valuable insights that provide data points.  They do not want to be sold based on your abilities to convince them to buy something they do not need.

ask not pitch

For you to ask meaningful questions – Customers are willing to help you if you are asking the right kind of questions with the intent to understand their problem, but they are not interested in giving you information so you can optimize your pitch.

story not ppt

For you to share stories from other customer – They want to hear how others solved the problem, and the outcomes.  They do not want to see another powerpoint presentation.

online is not rersonFor you to meet online – They prefer to meet you online vs. you showing up on-site. Think about the interruption to their day of leaving their desk, heading to closest coffee shop and giving you an hour. Be respectful of their time and they will respect you.

15 30 not an hour

For you to value their time with shorter meetings – no need for an hour long meeting with 10 actions items.  They prefer a short meeting with 1 action item, and follow-up with another meeting.

now not new week

For you to help them right now – they do not have an interest waiting until next week, if you do they will go and speak to a competitor

short not long

For you to communicate with shorter message – they do not wish to receive long winded emails with multiple attachments, documents and actions. They want short interactions, simple value propositions and targeted content.

Customer Centric Approach at a New Speed

customer centric approach at a new speedBy walking a mile in the customers shoes and being mindful of their desired outcome we are going to be able close the Sales Innovation Gap and start accelerating your sales opportunities.

In the next post we are going to take a deep dive into the evolving customer journey and the dynamic problem solving process sales need to execute to succeed!

Happy Selling!