Sales Coaching Skills for Success in Every Role

Effective sales management training requires reinforcement and practice. We coach by applying proven frameworks to call reviews, teaching you how to apply these methods for greater impact in customer conversations.

Proven Sales Coaching Skills and Principles

Weekly call recordings

Review calls using specific process frameworks, teaching you how to bring more impact to key moments of the conversation.

Small team training

With High Impact Coaching for groups, your team will learn through peer call reviews to acquire skills for successful customer conversations during professional sales training.

Call scoring

Identify areas for improvement using metrics such as talk time, level of engagement, process adherence, and follow up with tailored coaching for better execution.

Success in every Go-To-Market role

For AEs

Learn to orchestrate customer demos, perform proper diagnosis, identify critical events, and implement effective trading and negotiation skills.

For SDRs

Improve fundamental skills – agenda setting, call orchestration, question-based qualification – via weekly call reviews.

For CSMs

Execute smooth handoffs from AEs, orchestrate the relationship, conduct impact reviews, have difficult conversations, and expand customer relationships.

For Managers

Receive coaching on how to manage team performance and learn frameworks for running one-on-one meetings and reviewing growth metrics with a sales coaching playbook.