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SaaS Go To Market
There are blueprints to designing your SaaS Go To Market from SaaS Demand Generation, Sales Development, to SaaS Sales and Customer Success. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

RKO - The Next Level SKO

Rethinking the SKO

By Marketing, Enablement, GTM, Remote Sales & CS
Modernizing from Sales Kick Off to Revenue Kick Off for more impact Companies are beginning to evolve and modernize their SKOs - turning them from one-time, entertainment-focused events into more impactful, recurring events throughout the year For sales teams, the annual sales kickoff (SKO) is a well-established tradition, and typically...
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The SaaS Data Model

By GTM, Sustainable Growth
The data that drives the SaaS methodology model can be categorized into three types: volume metrics, conversion metrics, and absolute time metrics. Each of these work in systems to drive the different stages of revenue generation: customer acquisition, recurring revenue, and lifetime value. Measuring Data Many organizations are excited about...
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SaaS Role Definitions

SaaS Role Definitions

The number of roles within the marketing, sales, and customer success teams at SaaS companies has become quite confusing in the last several years as organizations have embraced new org models of role specialization, and put their own spin on them. . It?s further complicated by the fact that these...
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