SaaS Sales Enablement
Saas Sales Enablement aims to increase the sales effectiveness and efficiency of a SaaS Sales organization. Winning By Design can help assess, define, and scale your sales operations and sales strategy functions as well as your sales process and organization.

When to Start and Scale Sales Operations?

Cliff Notes: Hire a sales operations professional as soon as possible, even when you have just a couple of salespeople. Focus on sales architecture and strategy first and on tactical implementation second. Get the most experienced individual you can find for this role, evaluating both internal candidates as well as…

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Sales Operation Center


High Velocity Sales Require a Different Approach Traditionally B2B sales organizations were very distributed, with a sales force that dispatched following the Monday morning sales call – only to return on Thursday night – to write-up the orders on Friday. As organizations evolved, and enabled by conferencing technology, this quickly…

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