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SaaS Sales Enablement
Saas Sales Enablement aims to increase the sales effectiveness and efficiency of a SaaS Sales organization. Winning By Design can help assess, define, and scale your sales operations and sales strategy functions as well as your sales process and organization.

RKO - The Next Level SKO

Rethinking the SKO

By Marketing, Enablement, GTM, Remote Sales & CS
Modernizing from Sales Kick Off to Revenue Kick Off for more impact Companies are beginning to evolve and modernize their SKOs - turning them from one-time, entertainment-focused events into more impactful, recurring events throughout the year For sales teams, the annual sales kickoff (SKO) is a well-established tradition, and typically...
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Training is the Key to Sales Growth

By Enablement, Training

Training is the Key to Sales Growth The Point: In an age where product differentiation is narrow and nuanced, the capabilities and performance of your sales team makes up the rest of your competitive differentiation. Investing in training is not only the fastest way to create value for the buyer,…

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