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Kim Ventura-Perkins 1st
Senior Manager, Sales Enablement | DocuSign
1d Edited

How do you get a 2.5k+ field organization of sellers to speak the same language?

You partner with one of the best in the business, Winning by Design, to deploy a singular sales methodology to better equip our teams.

Over the last 3 months, a small group of Sales Enablement leaders had the opportunity to learn a SaaS-focused sales methodology and how to deploy globally.

I am confident that through this methodology, we will be able to level up as a sales organization and better drive #IMPACT with our clients.

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Niko Thielsch 1st
VP Sales & CS | Alasco
1d Edited

A few weeks ago we joined forces with Winning by Design. We started a 360 approach to level up everything from sales org, to processes, tool stack and of course our GTM market approach. (why? well spoiler #BANT, #MEDDIC all nice but not state of the art because they are #seller-centric and not #customer-centric. They all have their importance but falling short covering the entire funnel from prospecting, closing/winning to onboarding and LTV -> that is why we adopt the #SPICED framework).

For me as a Rep (long time ago) and as Revenue Leader, the SPICED framework was and is a game changer. The impact on GTM, the operational level, the business model and the underlying data required makes it unbeatable for me.

In the following week, all our Reps will go through the best in class sales and customer success training covering the entire sales funnel, skills, mindset and coaching frameworks.
This is a massive investment into our company’s future and primarily in our current talent to develop sales & customer success ⭐️ superstars ⭐️

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Richard McGuinness 1st
VP of Sales EMEA | ClickUp
1d Edited

I recently completed the ‘Mastership in Revenue Architecture’ course and can’t begin to tell you how useful it has been. As a revenue professional, understanding the baseline models of the revenue machine is crucial for success, and too often we spend our time downloading the ‘software’ of sales success without really getting to understand the ‘operating system’ that everything runs on. This is where the Revenue Architecture model kicks in.

This isn’t a course on ‘how to sell’ or ‘where to find your ICP’ – this is a course that covers the fundamentals of GTM model design and execution, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have chosen to build a career as a revenue professional, you should consider this course an update to your core OS.

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David Collett 1st
EMEA Referral Partner Manager | Catapult
1d Edited

The most advanced and complete SaaS sales / GTM framework (and training) I’ve ever come across. PERIOD!

I’ve consumed all the most famous sales methods you can think of. But it always felt like the picture was incomplete and something was missing. That was until I discovered WbD and their unique YouTube videos. It literally blew me away and change my view on SaaS sales methodology. Forget about tricks to “close the deal” and wing it like the pro…If like me you’ve been longing for a sales training framework that breathe data, can reconcile all other methods you’ve learned about, put processes and models first, then your search is over.

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Ethan Gustav 1st
VP of Revenue, North America and Global Accounts | Infobip
1d Edited

To be clear, the team at WbD that we partnered with were incredible. So skilled, professional, collaborative, empathetic, and appropriately flexible and prescriptive to our acute needs.

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Rachel Phipps 1st
Director of Customer Success, EMEA | SmartRecruiters
1d Edited

Rather than simply sign off, I want to say I’m DELIGHTED with the output we have now…Overall, I’m blown away by the work that has gone into this. This significantly supports us to raise the bar and deliver a notably higher standard of CS. This WILL become what we live and breathe within CS, and I know the team will embrace the content, structure and guidance it provides.

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Rich Taylor 1st
VP of Operations and Chief of Staff | Qualio
1d Edited

The expert team from Winning by Design dove deep into our go-to-market teams, processes and data to uncover some critical growth levers for our business. Not only are these insights and action plans essential for our next stage of growth, but they are also helping to get everyone on the same page! Would I recommend Winning by Design to fellow B2B SaaS Growth Leaders – absolutely!

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Kevin Lord 1st
Head of Practice Sales | FreeAgent
4d Edited

Using SPICED is a firm favourite of mine!

The Winning by Design methodology is what we have implemented successfully at FreeAgent the past 3 or 4 years.

Simple sales framework to help with your conversations keeps you consistent and, more importantly, in control of what is being said!

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Koen Stam 1st
Head of Benelux | Personio
1d Edited

Winning by Design is deep to my heart. Have had the pleasure implementing WBD sales fundamentals in 2017.

Can very very very much recommend Roelof Hengst, Dan Smith, Maria Abad Baides, and their free great content and blueprints on their website.

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Kevin McCombie 1st
Depot Support Engineer | TransPennine Express
1d Edited

They have a very easy-to-use learning system and blueprints you can download to help with learning. They conducted live sessions, which were very interactive; the instructor worked with all members of the course and showed a very high level of professionalism and, to top it off, had great energy.

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Megan Wagstaff 1st
Sales Development Manager | The Arbinger Institute
1d Edited

After our first class of Prospecting with Intent with Winning by Design I’m excited to rework emails in our sequences.

The “RRR” Framework has helped us realize we need to be better at providing value for our clients in our emails. I’m pumped to see what this will do for our SDR team! If you are an SDR leader or an SDR I recommend learning about “RRR”- Relevance, Reward, and Request.

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Hugo Roget 1st
Business Development Executive UK | Ryte
1d Edited

Thank you to Winning by Design for providing such a great course. Our Trainer Antoine Mandy is really next level!

I highly recommend any sales team to go through this training, it really brings up the level of professionalism we give our prospects during meetings and ultimately helps us deliver better value to our customers.

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Felix Beccar 1st
1d Edited

The amazing team at Winning by Design has very powerful frameworks and examples, a lot of free content on Youtube too

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Natalia Ardila Mejia 1st
Chief Experience Officer | Kriptos
1d Edited

Helpful and great methodology to learn. What I liked best was the impact of the storytelling “hero story”, spiced framework, and the importance of the 1st value and full value.

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Charae Harrison 2nd
Senior Mid Market Account Manager | Levelset
1d Edited

Wbd is changing the way I approach selling! I love how simple it was to understand. I’m a visual learner and I feel like the homework and training was a home run for me. Our instructor even tailored the training to our specific type of sale!

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Alee Hess 2nd
Senior Mid-Market Expansion Account Manager | Levelset
1d Edited

The trainers are incredible, as well as the platform itself. The first thing they teach you is how people learn — then they show you how we’ll utilize that knowledge to make our time training together more impactful.

Their process exposes you to the information multiple times and in various ways (read, watch, talk it out). The collateral provided is helpful to reference back to as well. Trainers are personable and make the courses more enjoyable.

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Walter Brown 1st
Sr. Account Executive | ThoughtTrace
1d Edited

Excellent sales courses. I like the suggested real-scenario application of this which was highlighted in the pre-work videos. The upside of using it is that it gives you a proven plan of attack.

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Jason Seale 1st
Director of Client Support Services | Central 1
1d Edited

Very knowledgeable and engaging presenters help bring the materials alive, allowing the lesson to resonate better.

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Mike Buccialia 1st
Fractional Sales Leader
1d Edited

Like most things these days, a lot of that has become data-driven, and in my opinion Jacco van der Kooij and the team at Winning by Design have a lock on what metrics you need to inform your strategy and drive growth.

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B2B Sales Enablement

When Amanda Hill wants to ramp up the skills of her sales development team, she turns to Winning by Design. The sales professional says that the strategies that she and her team have picked up are “incredibly valuable” and useful on a daily basis. “Winning by Design has you covered when it comes to developing and supporting all sales enablement for your organization,” said Hill, Sales Enablement Partner at Tipalti. “We are ramping up our most green sales development reps and giving each of them confidence and reason behind their day-to-day by implementing Winning by Design early and often.”

The sales enablement tools offered through Winning by Design, the leader in helping high-growth recurring revenue organizations drive sustainable growth, are some of the most sophisticated in the industry. Winning by Design has developed our own sales methodology especially for SaaS-oriented companies. It builds on the fact that for today’s companies, most of the customer’s lifetime value doesn’t come at the close of a deal. It often comes months or even years afterward in the recurring revenue model. According to Hill, Winning by Design’s practical sales methodology “has been easily implemented within my company with virtually no tweaking.”

With one of the industry’s most highly rated b2b sales enablement programs, Winning by Design has training geared toward everyone on your revenue team. For the newest members of your team, we offer internal onboarding so that you can ramp up your sales quickly and efficiently. Part of Winning by Design’s top-rate Revenue Academy, the onboarding sessions can be customized to reflect your company’s go-to-market plans. Open courses like Prospecting for Impact and Customer Success for Impact are designed to provide more seasoned members of your team with the top sales enablement tools. Private classes have curriculums tailored to your company’s needs, and coaching sessions reinforce the strategies that your team has learned along the way. We also have best-in-class frameworks and detailed blueprints to keep all this information at your fingertips. And we back everything up with our industry-recognized certification.

More than 11,000 people have completed training programs through our Revenue Academy, including the team at OwnBackup, the leading SaaS data protection platform. All of us across the Revenue team are using one framework to diagnose our customers, no matter where they are in the customer journey,” said Thomas Cheriyan, OwnBackup’s Senior Director of Learning and Development. “This makes for a more effective way for us to connect with our customers, a better customer experience, and ultimately is proving out in the numbers as increased top-line revenue for the company.” 

 We get positive feedback from many of the people who come to us looking for the best b2b sales enablement tools. Our training courses have earned more than 500 five-star reviews on G2 and are ranked among the best in the following categories: Sales Training, Sales Consulting, Customer Success Training, Account Based Marketing Consulting, and Revenue Operations Services. Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, included Winning by Design in its list of the Top 20 Training Companies in 2022.

Sales Enablement Certification

For the best sales enablement certification, companies turn to Winning by Design. With role-based training for your entire revenue team — including Sales, Sales Development, Business Development, Customer Success, and Revenue Management — our sales enablement certification courses are a great introduction to topics that may be new to some members of your team or a refresher for those who are seasoned veterans. “The Customer Success certification course helped me refresh key principles and concepts that are crucial when building strategic, long-lasting relationships with our customers,” said Daniela Ayllon, Director of Customer Success at Inspectorio. “Taking this course really helped me to identify great opportunities to implement best practices that will significantly improve the way our company handles critical events and milestones in the customer’s lifecycle.”

When you’re comparing sales enablement courses, keep in mind that many training companies teach traditional sales methodologies. If your organization focuses on recurring revenue, these older methodologies might not be the right ones for you. Our SaaS sales method works differently, focusing on building a long-term relationship with customers. Winning by Design has unbeatable expertise in the recurring revenue model and can help your company put together a plan for building sustainable growth. Our sales enablement content is the best way to get there.

Sales Enablement Materials

Because of the massive changes to the industry over the past decade, your sales enablement platform needs to focus on providing your revenue team with the tools it needs to compete in today’s world. But what are the sales enablement materials that you need? You’ll need to align with your marketing department on creating the materials that your sales reps need to sell your company. On top of that, you need to make sure that your IT department is providing you with the best possible data about your customers. Unless your reps understand who your customers are, they can’t make the sale. 

Besides these examples of sales enablement content, Winning by Design provides a set of tools for companies looking to boost their sales. Included are our best-in-class frameworks and detailed blueprints that are available to everyone who takes part in our courses. Participants in our courses say that the blueprints, which cover all the most important topics, are a perfect way to refer back to the material that was taught in a course. “It’s invaluable training for any sales team,” said Chris Kim, Sales Development Representative at Diligent Corporation. “The materials are all summarized in the blueprints provided, which I think provides massive value.”

Sales Enablement Plan

What’s the meaning of the term sales enablement plan? Practically speaking, a sales enablement plan details how you will provide your sales teams with the tools and training they need to be most effective. It puts down in writing how you will ensure that your people, your processes, and your technology are all aligned to drive sales and increase revenue. All parts of your revenue team — from Business Development to Customer Success — should take a part in drafting your sales enablement plan. Because they are an important part of the process, members of your marketing and technology teams should attend as well.

Your sales enablement framework should start out with a mission statement. It can be as short as a sentence or two. The only requirement is that it captures what you’d like to accomplish. If you need help crafting a mission statement that’s right for your company, there are many sales enablement plan templates available online. The second step is deciding on the size of your sales enablement team. For smaller companies, this team could be a single person. For larger ones, it could be an entire dedicated department. Lastly, develop your roll-out plan and share it with all the stakeholders. It’s important everyone on your sales team knows the resources they will have at their disposal.

If you haven’t done it before, putting together a sales enablement platform can be a challenge. There are so many things to remember — Is your marketing team looped in? What data is available from the tech team? Which executives do you need to sign off? — that it can be daunting. That’s where Winning by Design’s years of experience with B2B sales enablement is so important. Our team of professionals can help you craft a sales enablement plan that’s right for your company.

Sales Enablement Examples

What is sales enablement? And why is sales enablement important for recurring revenue companies? These are questions that we hear all the time, so it’s worth pausing for a definition. Sales enablement is making sure that your revenue team has all the resources it needs to reach out to prospects, win their business, and help them achieve the impact that they are looking for. To accomplish this, you have to make sure that all parts of your revenue team are aligned so that a customer can move from Business Development to Sales, or from Sales to Customer Success, with as little friction as possible.

You can’t be as effective as possible without the right sales enablement collateral. This is any branded content that promotes your company, product, or service. Some examples of sales content that’s crucial for revenue teams include research reports, white papers, and case studies. A close collaboration with your marketing department is necessary for getting the right content into the hands of your sales team. Just as important is partnering with your tech team. Chances are that it gathers important information about your customers and your competition, and that definitely should be shared with the sales team. Some examples of sales enablement content that your tech team is already collecting includes market research and competitor analysis.

Sales enablement can have positive results for your recurring revenue company. Two out of three companies that invest in sales enablement report a significant ROI. If you need more sales enablement ideas, contact the team at Winning by Design. We can help you create processes and playbooks that make sure your entire team is working together and making more sales.

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