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Align Sales with your Customer’s Buying Journey

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design

Customer’s Buying Journey

So we know that the B2B sales environment has changed. With business models evolving towards Everything as a Service, consumerisation of business purchases and technology enabling customer interactions all being underpinned by the availability of information. Customers are now in control and the traditional synchronous sales process just isn’t going to cut it.

Customers don’t want to be sold to anymore. They want to drive a process with vendors that enables them to achieve their desired outcome. It has transformed the sales process into a problem solving journey that delivers continued customer success and doesn’t end at the ‘close’

Traditional sales funnels finished when the customer made the purchase, in reality this is just the beginning of the relationship. The average SaaS vendor needs to maintain a relationship with the customer for 12–18 months just to pay off the cost of customer acquisition. This meant that the traditional sales funnel needed to change.

At Winning by Design we have forged a new customer centric methodology that has enabled companies to achieve exponential growth, by helping businesses align with their customers desired experience.

customer experiencesNew Customer Buying Experiences

It looks pretty different to the traditional sales process doesn’t it? Starting from the initial awareness of their problem, to educating themselves, making a selection with a vendor, adopting and expanding to other parts of the organization and sharing with their peers.

This process moves beyond the proverbial ‘close’ and transforms the traditional funnel and circular sales funnels to put the customer centre stage. Once companies start to adopt the customer centric mindset they are able to ensure customer success, reduce churn and create an efficient approach that fuels hyper growth.

Have a look at table below to give you a better understanding of the stages from the customer’s perspective;

stages from the customer’s perspectiveCustomers Journey Through The Buying Journey

Customers will travel their own path in and out of the O’SH!T & AHA stages as they educate themselves online, searching on Google, reading blogs, consuming your competitors and your marketing content. The customer’s self-education and free-flow through the process is a nightmare for traditional sales model. This is the beginning of the dynamic problem solving process, monitoring the customer journey and engaging just at the right time with the right message to uncover the business impact of their problem.

Let’s have a look at sales’ role through customer’s buying journey;

The most important time to engage the customers straddles O’SH!T and AHA, between awareness and education. This is the value creation point.

The point where the customer is still educating themselves and looking for a trusted advisor to understand their needs and the business impact. It is then the responsibility of the Modern Seller to dynamically match those impacts to the strengths of your solution.

Hopefully you are starting to see the sales process from the customers and are walking a mile in their shoes and trying to engage them earlier in their buying process. If not, you may not like my next post! We are going to discuss the three core attributes of The Modern Seller.

What do you think they are?