Find Your Next Best Customer With Account Based Marketing and Sales Strategy & Design

An account based strategy design aligns and focuses your go-to-market team on those customers most likely to be your next best customers. This strategy delivers more pipeline by aligning marketing, SDR, sales, and CS around a set of accounts, team operations, KPI’s, and pipeline building plays, to accelerate revenue together.


“An account-based strategy aligns your entire go-to-market team around winning and growing accounts that will be your next best customers. This strategy delivers more pipeline by aligning marketing, SDR, sales, and CS around a set of accounts, team operations, KPI’s, and pipeline building plays, to accelerate revenue together”

Shari Johnston

Partner & Account Based Architect, Winning by Design

Account Based Strategy & Design Improves Alignment Within Your Organization

Account Based Marketing Consulting Services

What does an account based model look like?






Account Map



Play Selection



Play Design



Uncovering your ideal customer profile (ICP) is key to aligning your GTM team around an account based strategy By using your customer data to analyze your firmographic and fit criteria that make up your ideal customer, you will be armed with the data and insights you need to build a target account list and focus on those accounts most likely to convert.


Account Map

Your account map is your GTM team dashboard to your account based strategy. This will give your team a framework of the number of accounts and customers that will be the focus areas of your next revenue source as well as the breakdown of your key segmentation strategy to align value and impact associated with each target audience.


Play Selection

Now that we know who we are going after, now we need to engage them using account based play selection. Depending on your deal size and available resources, you can align the level of play design to your target audience. Starting with a simple one-touch single-channel outreach all the way to a sophisticated multi-channel play that engages multiple persona’s within your target accounts.


Play Design

Now it is time to design your play! Play design includes optimizing the number of touches, channels you are leveraging, the team involved, core offer and target persona’s to orchestrate your play. A key aspect of any successful play design is to make sure you are adding value to your prospect.

Analyze all aspects of your revenue engine:

  • Process
  • Technology
  • Enablement
  • Team & organizational design
  • Deliver a foundational strategy:
  • Account market map – target account list
  • Account based team alignment
  • Account based KPIs and dashboard

Deliver pipeline building plays and tools:

  • Account based play development
  • Account-based Q cards
  • Account planning templates
  • Account based prospecting tools
  • Operations & process design
  • Tech stack design

What Impact will my Business see from Implementing an Account Based Strategy?

Volume Metrics

  • Growth in revenue
  • High-quality lead generation
  • Increase in deal size

Conversion Metrics

  • Improved win-rate
  • High-quality lead generation
  • Increase in deal size
  • Increase upsell
  • Improve outbound conversion

Account Based Strategy Experts

Shari Johnston
Account Based Architect, Partner

Sari Eisendrath
Enablement Expert

Dan Smith
Chief Academic Officer

Emilia D’Anzica
Customer Marketing Expert

Dominique Levin
Senior Architect, Managing Partner

Derek Sather
Sales Architect

Account Based Training

This course targets account marketers and sales leaders looking to generate more pipeline through an account based GTM Strategy. This course is applicable to anyone involved in laying the foundational and execution strategy for account based strategy within their organization

The course is structured as a flipped classroom curriculum. Live training sessions are best spread out over four or five sessions and can be taught either in-person or remotely. An online learning journey provides blueprints, frameworks, and templates for effective optimizing account-based prospecting. Classes incorporate activities such as roleplay that make the sessions fully-interactive. Each online module consists of videos, blueprints, quiz questions, and exercises. Students will take an exam at the completion of the course, and once passed, become account based strategy certified.

Account Based Marketing Training

Account Based Prospecting Training

The Account Based Strategy Framework
Learn how to align your GTM team around an account based strategy.
Account-Based Prospecting - Definition and Principles
What is account-based prospecting, How many accounts should you prospect to
Four foundational Organizational Shifts to Migrate to Account-Based
Learn the four core organization changes needed for your team to migrate to account based
How to Align Sales and Marketing Campaigns
Learn how to use account plays to align sales and marketing
Identifying your target accounts
Learning how to identify firmographic attributes and common compelling events of your successful customers, to effectively target new accounts
How to Identify Stakeholders and do Account Planning
Learn to identify who makes the decisions, Create a chronological account plan
Account Market Map Segmentation
Using a market map to drive your account strategy and engage your target accounts
Leveraging Account-Based Scoring to Prioritize Accounts
Learn how to use data to select and prioritize accounts
Designing Account Entitlements
How to provide air cover programs and resources and tools to ensure that your target accounts are receiving awareness and education to accelerate conversion
How to Do Account Research
Learn how to effectively research accounts, and relevance at scale
Play Selection & Design
How to orchestrate multi-channel and multi-persona plays to build account based pipeline
How to Diagnose a Customer
Learn how to diagnose a customer through open, closed, and probing questions
Aligning Account Teams
How to align in account teams and effectively collaborate on building pipeline
How to Orchestrate Multiple Resources in Your Organization
Learn how to leverage more of your team to get to their team
Account Based Measurement
How to measure success with an account based strategy
How to Create a Content Journey for Your Prospects
Learn how to Organize Content Boards by Persona

Account Based Marketing Workshops

We will train your teams, empower your frontline managers as coaches, and provide turn-by-turn directions for your customer-facing teams.

Half-Day Workshop Designed to Help Marketing, SDR, Sales, and CS Teams Collaborate Around an Account Based Model

  • Account based planning
  • Account based engagement
  • Account based plays

What are Customers Saying about Winning by Design?

“At Allocadia, we have partnered with Winning by Design to align our sales and marketing teams around an account-based strategy. Having a partner who not only works with similar companies but who has actually implemented these strategies as a practitioner, is invaluable.”

Sam Melnick

VP Marketing of Allocadia.

Very applicable frameworks for account based sales/marketing. There is a lot of information and technology that claims to help with an ABM strategy for companies, but when looking for someone to help, I found Shari and the Winning by Design team take a very bespoke approach to making sure they build a framework that works for your organization. They didn’t push technology or their system, but rather gathered all the information needed to help build a plan and the processes to help us know how to execute towards success

Richard Taylor

VP Marketing Mattermost

Account Based Best Practices

Our Programs Are Modular, So You Can Start Anywhere

You can start anywhere: Strategy, Playbook Design, Workshop, or Training. All customer-facing employees will work on the same fundamentals, same verbiage, and same customer-centric approach.